emailPeriodically you may hear folks claim that e-mail is dead. Don’t believe them. People still spend half their workday dealing with it, they trust it, and overall they’re satisfied with it.

According to the Harvard Business Review's 2012 survey of 2,600 workers in the U.S., UK, and South Africa who use e-mail every day. E-mail is not dead, it’s just evolving. It’s becoming a searchable archive, a manager’s accountability source, a document courier. And for all the love social media gets, e-mail is still workers’ most effective collaboration tool. It’s far from perfect: Three-quarters of all e-mail is junk, and we’re wasting lots of time dealing with less important messages. A report from Feb 2014 reports that we send and receive over 180 billion emails each day.

Cebsource offers email hosting in conjunction with our website hosting programs.  We set up your email accounts, guide you through email client setup, provide webmail portals, anti-spam measures and for larger organizations, can setup and deploy Microsoft Exchange Server.


Properly branding your company is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Keeping all of your marketing consistent will not only help simplify things but it will also ensure that your clients recognize YOU.

Our design team can take your existing brand (logo, brand colors, collateral and/ or website) and build your company a custom email template, saving you time and money.


With the proliferation of email, every message you send is an opportunity to get your brand out there and direct your readers to your web resources and social media outlets.  We can style your email signature to match your other company branding and add icons that link to other resources.

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